I can't remember what life is like without Cody. We have so much fun together, every day is new and different. It's been a challenge, keeping things happy and healthy and moving along, but the payment I've received for my minimal efforts in our relationship far exceed the cost to myself. I'm forever thankful for the blessing of having such a wonderful husband and friend!


We got a flat tire in Snow Canyon, driving back from visiting an animal shelter on our first Valentine's day. I tried to swerve to miss a big rock in the middle of the curvy road and instead accidentally hit it. What a happy way to spend our romantic evening together, and to spend the last $100 in our bank account to get it fixed. I remember some cowboy stopping, not to help us, but to look at us like we were idiots for hitting the rock in the first place and then driving off. It's still one of my favorite Valentine's Day memories, trying to fix our flat tire together on a cold, scary canyon highway.

Being sealed for time and all eternity in the Bountiful LDS temple. I still remember giggling in front of all our friends and family during the ceremony, then blushing because I'd giggled at a very serious moment.

Getting in our first (and I think it was our only) fight, me storming about and fuming while Cody quietly listened. I stomped off to my sister's house, realizing once I'd walked over there that she was probably having a nice night with her new husband and I shouldn't interrupt them with my pettiness. I walked home, repentant and ready to apologize. I'm usually the one in the wrong--but when I'm not I totally rub it in Cody's face. :P He likes me sassy and annoying like that.

These four years have been awesome beyond words. I love you, Cody!