Every year for Christmas my siblings and I all draw a couple name for gift giving. This year we got Elden and Rebecca, so we're donating to their daughter's Therapy Dog.

Go forth, donate to it too if you have a few extra dollars! She could really use a helpful canine companion. ^_^

But enough about us and our givings, this year we received a gift from Sarah and Jared...and it's quite awesome, if I may say so. They gave us a star!! The star's named after Cody and me! And as if that weren't enough, they wrote a poem to go along with it! I'm going to post it here for you:

a star in the sky that rings out your name
actually it doesn't the notions insane
but named for you it will stay in the sky
till the good lord tells it not to and it falls by and by

from movies past we had seen this done
as a prize from a contest but someone else won
so when we drew you for christmas this year
and wondered what would offer you some long lasting cheer
we thought of the night at the movie so long ago
when we chose to kiss and not to watch the show
you stared in the sky
and averted your eyes
like a brother and sister
appalled at the picture

but now in the future when you look up so high
you will have much more to look for with your star in the sky


Jared and Sarah

PS - my poem is awesome and has no punctuation as an artistic representation of my disgust for school.

We love it. ^_^ Thank you, and Merry Christmas to everybody!