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As you may have guessed from my last post, I'm heavily involved in planning a birthing conference for a movement which we call Empowering Fearless Birth.  It's a funny name that really means we are all about giving mothers the education, opportunities, and power to have the kinds of births they want--from birthing in a watering trough in their kitchen to scheduling a C-section, being as medicated as she chooses and having the medical care she wants.  We want all mamas to know their choices and be confident in what they want, because so many times what people do and say during a birth can impact a birthing mama for the rest of her life (for better or worse.)

This past weekend, I sat down with my two cohorts and we hammered out the class schedule.  We have a whopping 45+ hours of amazing women and men teaching classes on everything from "Vaccines: Know the Facts" by a medical doctor, to "The Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation", to "Healing Birth Trauma" by a midwife who is also a CPM.

We have incredible and intelligent people coming from far and wide to help spread knowledge out to anyone who is willing to attend their classes!  I wish I could go to every single one of them.

That's the problem.

We don't want all of this time and effort to go to waste.  We NEED the classes to be filmed, and to be available to anyone who needs information about all of these subjects.  Wouldn't it be amazing for a first-time mother, with no real support, to do a simple Google search on how to prepare for a hospital birth or how to protect her perineum during birth, and find an hour long discourse she can watch online and learn about what questions to ask and where to go for more information?

I think so, don't you?  We barely have enough money in the budget to pay for the event, so we need help finding funds to film every single class.  If you think this is even half as important as I do, please help us out by donating to our Go Fund Me!  I will personally send you cookies (even vegan and/or paleo ones if you so choose it!) if you donate more than $50.  Leave me a comment and what kind of cookies you like, and I'll be in touch.  :0)

(all images of William courtesy of my fabulous sister-from-another-mister, April DeLaMare of DeLaMare Photography.  And Debbie of Silver Maple Media turned ALL of these images into memes!  Isn't she brilliant?)

Empowering Fearless Birth Event Promo Film from thetouchoflife on Vimeo.