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girliness ahead

Warning: You may not want to continue reading if hearing about "female troubles" troubles you. Or trebles, basses, or altos you. Whatever way, you're fairly forewarned, and I won't be offended if you leave the blog.

For the past few months--okay, year-ish--every time I get my period I feel bitter. My body's obviously well enough to create a happy lining for a baby, but not enough to reap the benefits of going through that cycle of baby preparation to foster a fetus (or, y'know, have a zygote created in the first place.) I know it's illogical to be frustrated with something like procreation, that is so amazing when it works that it's nothing short of miraculous, but I have a hard time not wanting my body to go all-or-nothing. If I can't get pregnant, stop the charade of the periods, please. Let me just be a nothing instead of a half-working female. I just want one way or the other, not this limboland.

Illogical, but that's how I feel.

So, now periods are almost a time of mourning, each and every month. Maybe I need to find a new perspective on all of this, and I'll probably try soon, but right now? I just want to be sad.


I found this on, a lovely blog full of fascinating or beautiful things (often both.) Rejoice in things and people that don't waver in asking for attention when they need or want it, for how else are we supposed to know?