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diaper bag for...books?

I made a diaper bag last Monday or was one of those "I can't sleep" nights, so I just went for it and got it all done in one crazy day. Here are some after pictures*

*I am not and never will be a professional photog, but I'm sorry about the quality of the pics. Camera phone + fluorescent lights = ugly pictures! Who knew.

sleepy sleepy kangaroo

For some reason, every time I take my "Thyroid Support" supplement after noon, I can't get to sleep that night. Maybe my poor little thyroid-that-can't can, indeed produce whatever it's supposed to produce. Hooray! Maybe it'll tell my fat cells to explode. Goodbye, sheet cake! Ha!

Anyway, Cody and I have been thinking about buying a home. We've only looked at three in the area. They're the only three worth looking at in our price range, in my opinion. All the others are townhomes, condos, or fixer-uppers. These three are liveable and in the North end of the county. Living further North isn't something I thought would make Cody happy. But it does! Hooray! I'll have to post a picture or two for your viewing pleasure...let's see...(turning brain switch on)

It's a cute little house, with plenty of land to grow (both the house and veggies) on. Maybe even puppies can grow there! If I'm lucky...

The other contenders were really close to the railroad tracks. That's not a terribly bad thing, I just we probably wouldn't have been able to resell them as well as this other one. Plus, this one has had more refinishing. What do you think?

What you find when you aren't looking

Trying to find a picture to post of my dearest, I stumbled upon some artwork from his elementary school days. How awesome and funny is this?!

I never knew he drew comics.

Anyway, I'm thinking about starting to sew some cloth diapers. You know, for all of those offspring we have. Wait. I don't have any in the oven or out. Sometimes I need a reality check, folks. Seriously, though, I have been thinking about sewing some, not only because they'd be useful and save a bit of landfill space for the haircuts I get from Tycee (I think she has to thin out about 10 lbs of hair every two months or so), they're soo cute and cozier for ickle baby bums. I found a few pretty sweet sites for diaper fabric and the like, too. Maybe I could even sell them!

So, what's new with you folks? Do you have any suggestions for the bliggity blig blog? Would you like to buy a car from me? I have a nice '99 Honda Civic for sale. No? Well, I had to try.

Don't mind this, I just needed to host it somewhere ;)

Whee! Blogs!

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...the moment I begin typing for the world's benefit!!, close enough. For MY benefit. That's what matters.

So, now you know I'm overly self-absorbed, I shall continue my quest to let the world in on all the secrets in my puny but exciting world.