Cody and I get to travel to LA on Thursday for AX, an anime convention! Whee, further confirmation that we're nuts. We're both going to cosplay, as some of our favorite anime characters. I've been working feverishly on our costumes the past couple of days, and hopefully with the time I can hem and hand-applique things in the car, they'll be complete by Friday. I'm still not sure what people do at anime conventions, but I'm pretty excited to just go and meet other crazies like us.

Here's the anime character I'm cosplaying, Yoruichi Shihoin from Bleach:

Yoruichi can turn into a black cat. She's the goddess of flash, which just means she's super speedy and can outpace pretty much everybody else on the show. Teasing and mocking, yet serious when required...Yoruichi has also been known to consume vast quantities of food with gusto with no effect on her waistline.

And here's her best friend (possibly more, if you're a shipper [relationship freak]) Kisuke Urahara, who Cody's going to cosplay:
Urahara is somewhat of a mad scientist. He's very smart and subtle, and deceptively light hearted. He and Yoruichi used to be important people in Soul Society but were banished because of an evil plot...he's the main protagonist's mentor and teacher for most of Bleach so far.

Anyway...after we go to the anime convention, we get to spend the 5th chilling at the beach and shopping, and the 6th we'll come home. It'll be a quick trip, but I'm very excited!