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12 tags of Christmas

"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..." I gotsded tagged by Missy. Thank you. >:3

1 EMBARRASSING MOMENT: All right, Internet; you asked for it. I could just lie and say I don't have one, but I've told random people I barely know about this incident before, so I may as well share it with the people that read this. I peed my pants in school...the kicker was, I was in 8th grade. In English. It was reading time, and all I could think about was how I had to go to the bathroom...stupid boring book! Why couldn't I have been reading something a bit more suspenseful?


Wince and laugh inducing, isn't it?

2 BEST FRIENDS: Cody! and my sisters are who I'd pick for the other. Can all 7 count as one? (Don and Andrew, you guys are awesome too...>_<) 3 THINGS I BUY REGULARLY: tomatoes, hummus, and CHOCOLATE! I have to buy the cheap, almost "why did I buy this, it's not that good..." chocolate so I don't gorge on it and have to buy it more than tomatoes.

4 PLACES I WANT TO GO: Japan, France, NYC, Hawaii

5 GOALS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR: I suck at goal-setting because I always forget about them, but here goes: Keep the computer desk cleared off for my Cody, learn all the lyrics to "One Week" by BareNakedLadies, read a whole book per month, actually post things in my Etsy shop regularly, and manage my time better.

6 THINGS MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I'm addicted to Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I like to give away cookies, procrastination is a way of life I seem to embrace, I get really nervous about almost all social situations, I miss sticky hands in vending machines, and I think I'm gonna cosplay Rogue from X-Men (if Cody sticks with his idea of being Gambit or Wolverine) at next year's San Diego Comic Con.

7 THINGS I WOULD NEVER SAY: "Cody, let's not talk." "I love showering!" "Bark louder and wake up the neighbors, Truff! DO IT!" "Let's eat Jell-O and play ping pong." "The Signs game is the best game EVAR!" "I went on a five-mile hike this morning before going to the gym for three hours, eating a 100% bran muffin on the way and thinking about ways to decrease my simple carb intake." "Cody, I totally understood all that stuff you just said about programming!" Ah, that last one's a little sad. I'm catching on some, but I feel like I need a class just to get the gist of what he's talking about.

9 THINGS I SAY TO MY KIDS: I'm gonna go with Missy and say I'll get back to you once Truffle morphs into a human...or y'know, after Cody and I have a cute little tot.

10 THINGS I DO A LOT: make food, take Truff out, text message, look at things and think "I should do something (clean, de-clutter, fix, sew...the list is long) to that...", check the internet for new updates, ack! 5 more things? uh...make the bed, do laundry, do dishes, play SSBB (as already mentioned, I have an addiction), and read.

11 THINGS I WOULD RATHER NOT LIVE WITHOUT: Cody, my family, the gospel, my friends, Truffle, the internet (oh, I love you, Inty!), Cody's sense of humor, my sense of humor, good food, great entertainment, and hot water.

12 PEOPLE I TAG: Whoever wants to do this. I doubt there are 12 people reading this, anyway. :P

Edit 12-30-2008 I FORGOT DAY 8! Thanks to Richard for pointing it it is now (although it's a bit late...)

cheesebowl!!!, singing Christmas carols at church and at home, Cody gets time off of work, pretty lights, English Toffee, making/buying/receiving presents (it's the most fun when you make something for someone and they actually like it!), the smell of cinnamon that permeates the front of stores, and I love the focus on the Savior's birth the season brings. It's always nice to have an extra reminder of what a miracle his birth and life was for us, even if we don't celebrate it in the right month. ^_^


Quiet anticipation used to fill the classroom in December, classmates talking about what they wanted for Christmas, the teacher instigating snowmen, wreaths, and other appropriately un-church-oriented art projects that were also a bit most vivid classroom for Christmas was Ms. B in first grade. She somehow scrounged extra funds to get us all a box of crayons and some clay that smelled like lemons. I ate a little of the clay...but it didn't taste like lemons.

At home, the house would be filled with smells of fresh pine; sugary delights like fudge, cookies, caramel, splintzle (uhhh...that can't be what it's called. We'd take decorative irons on wire sticks, dip them in batter, and deep fry them, then coat them with powdered sugar...they're delicious but I can't remember their name); and the hearty winter fare my mom always seemed to turn out once the weather started enforcing a coat-worthy forecast. Some years the tree would be up the day after Thanksgiving, some years it wouldn't get put up until Christmas Eve. Most years it was a half-and-half attempt, the tree getting put up in early December, the lights around the 15th, and the ornaments in time for us to open our presents. I used to think giving my siblings things like $1 trolls I got from the vending machine at Fred Meyer's was the best gift I could ever come up with...

I love December, but now it's a little different. We have a teeny 2' tree that I'm perfectly happy with, no extravagant treat plates to hand out, and there's all sorts of minutia to accomplish before the 25th. One of Cody's presents arrived in the mail today, and I look forward to wrapping and labeling it tomorrow, and putting it on the below the tree in the bookshelf. There's less to stress and get excited about, but at the same time, there are bigger stresses. It doesn't matter. Christmas! The hope and thought of Christmas makes everything better! ^_^

What about you? Which Christmas or holiday is the most vivid in your memory? Do you have a favorite tradition?