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Hanging out at Sarah and Jared's house rather unannounced one fine Saturday.

Being a dork.

Cody drinking and listening to MoviePhone all at the same time...talent!

The truth!!!!!

And that's all for now. See, I have to *take* pictures to be able to *post* pictures.

new year, new tradition

I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that I suck at setting goals. Well, I guess I'm gonna give it a go anyway this year, and it'll give me something to blog about. Maybe this kind of accountability will help? I doubt it, but it's possible, right?

Here are some goals and the ways I intend to implement them in my life:

Keep the computer desk cleared off for my Cody. It'd probably help if I had a set time to purge the desk every day, and if I didn't use it as a lab for the benign bacteria experiments I'm involved in...

Learn all the lyrics to "One Week" by BareNakedLadies, a VERY prestigious and grand goal to have. Um...print out the lyrics, read them over, and listen to the song a lot while trying to sing along. Repeat. Frequently.

Read a whole book per month. I just finished Brisingr (which I started in...October? :S) and I'm still working on Dracula...I figure those two can count for January, and then I'll work on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (and possibly Through the Looking Glass) for February. The month before I'll have to choose a book and find it.

Actually post things in my Etsy shop regularly. This requires actually making things and then taking the 5 minutes to take pictures and post the items. Not that hard, just a bit tedious when there are a lot of items.

Manage my time better. Such a general goal. I think setting time limits to be online for fun and to play video games are a good start, maybe I'll try and do that and keep it by the end of the month?

I PROMISE I'll post pictures next time. Promise.

balancing act

All right, to those of you who read my previous post (which got deleted 'cause I was annoyed with how petulant and "waa, meeeeeeee!" I sounded), here's some randomness I want to share but didn't 'cause I was too angsty for not angsty stuff then.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of shopping with Cody's cute mom and sister (Cheryl and Tycee, respectively.) At one of the stops, Tycee and I were waiting for Cheryl to finish up, and I saw a girl and her boyfriend walking around the store. The dude was holding a little Yorkie, and as they passed, I instinctively asked, "Can I hold your dog?" The guy stopped in his tracks, glanced at the dog and almost at me, then just started walking again. It was awesome. I had to hold my laughter in for a few minutes so they wouldn't hear me busting up...I mean, I don't think I would've let a stranger hold Truffle (not like anybody's gonna ask to pick that fur-covered pogo stick up anytime soon), but the indecision then decision to just ignore me was hilarious.

Also, I bought some weird, ugly purple earrings for $1.40. Best bargain of the day, my friends. I wore them around the mall until we went home.

Updates, you say? What updates? Oh! Okay. Well, Cody successfully launched a set of new websites for one of their clients (the first project he was in charge of, and he's been working on it for months.) The problems have been minimal after the initial launch, and I'm just happy he's a bit less stressed now than he has been in quite some time. We had one crazy night where he had to stay up until 2 or 3 to work out kinks after launch, then had to wake up at 5 the next morning to ensure it was still working and fix the issues. A couple of days of crazy hours is all...nothing compared to what medical interns and the like have to work, but it was rough when we're used to our cozy hours.

I successfully made a little plushie! She's adorable! But the yarn took forever. Next time I think I want to try felt for the hair, although I really like the way the yarn looks, and I definitely want to try a different fabric because woven cotton fabric and plushie crotches don't really mix...^_^' I'll try and post some pictures sometime, but no promises...oh, and I made a little lion plush to go with it. XD It's all very exciting.

Cody has saturated his workspace with cat calendars (a cat a day calendar and a month-to-month cat calendar), and I've promised to make him a kitty plush to hang out at his desk, too (after the lion, I'm confident a kitty with whiskers won't be too much trouble...but we'll see.)

Truffle's good. She likes the snow, and she likes to get it on her face. I got her to shake off the snow outside successfully once, and now she waits until we're safely inside before sending the snow particulates flying about. She's just cool like that.

Sunshine makes me happy. ^_^

And now, I will abruptly end.