Poor, neglected little blog! He hasn't been updated in soooo long that I had to blow figurative dust off the "post a new blog" button.

Perhaps I'll just bullet some updates...make it all easy to read 'n such, hey?

  • I gave Truffle a bad haircut and she's embarrassed to be seen until it grows out.
  • Cody decided he wants to move into a mobile/prefab house and I'd rather move into an Airstream.
  • Tabbouleh and falafel aren't that hard to make! I'm eating some tabbouleh right now, and I love it so!
  • I've learned that it's impossible to predict how people deal with grief, and I stink at knowing how to help.
  • My laundry machine decided to try and wash my laundry room floor a few weeks ago, and my sweet dad came to our rescue, and after a bit of trouble figured out that the drain pipe wasn't connected properly. :/ Poor guy. I was so grateful he went to the trouble, though.
  • One of my friends has insisted for a month or two that I'm a clone of his friend in Alabama. Not believing him, I added her as a friend on facebook...and after talking a bit, we do have pretty similar personalities. O_o Isn't that weird?
  • Cleaning isn't hard but it's hard to get myself to do it.
  • I am now a matron saint of cookies and pies AND an oracle of punniness in a cult. w00t!
  • Having a reason to celebrate every day differently makes celebrating slightly less fun, although I think the overall fun level is greater than it would be without everyday celebrations.
  • The anticipation of cruising with Cody's family is heightening to the point that I'm almost scared it's not going to happen. Yay cruises!!