False. I cannot dance.

Anyway, I love that show on Fox, "So You Think You Can Dance". There are so many very talented dancers on that show, I love to see the personalities and skill shine in their solos. Cody and I watch avidly every week. No, we don't need potatoes; they grow on our couch.

A couple of Sundays ago after church Cody and I were just chillin' at home, minding our business, when suddenly this piercing shriek of an alarm almost burst our eardrums. We put on our pants (well, Cody did, I was already dressed), grabbed our keys, cell phones, and Truffle. We ran outside and enjoyed the warm, sunny day. Forty minutes later the fire department showed up, hunted down the little girl that pulled the alarm, and thankfully remembered to turn off the blasted alarm on their way out. Here's what resulted from the time we spent outside: