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my mom

This blog is for me mum, who's a dear and a love, to say thanks for bringing me into the world and to say thank you for the incredible person she is.

* Her laugh, when she really thinks you're funny, is worth going through 20 jokes and stories just to try and get one good long laugh out.
* She calls all of her children and grandchildren "bean". ex: "You're such a good bean!"
* The rain is an event with my mom. When there's a storm, she gets all of her houseplants outside, lines them up, and will peek out the window occasionally to "see how happy they look!"
* "Sorry" is one of her favorite words...really, it is.
* Her initials are D.A.D. ^_^
* When I was little and our family would be traveling a long distance, she would sing silly nonsense songs about mud pies and dressing up, and the ice cream store to keep us entertained and quiet.
* I'm "doo-dah hum-ha girly."
* She makes some wickedly good food (my favorites are her quiche and sweetrolls) and taught me the basics about cooking, baking, and being nice.

what did you say?

You may know that I'm somewhat of a night owl; I don't enjoy going to bed early and I usually don't sleep well when I do. Last night I decided to try and go to bed at the same time as Cody, because he does love the time (usually about 20 seconds) after his head hits the pillow and we get to chat and cuddle. After I'd said my good night "You're my favoritest; I love you," and rolled over to attempt sleeping, Cody mumbled what I thought was "That food was tender." I asked him what he'd said, and he just repeated it again before snuggling down into the covers...

I'm surprised he didn't wake up from me laughing.

chocolate chocolate chip cookies are dangerous

The weather was absolutely beautiful today, and to celebrate I've been somewhat productive! Cody and I moved the furniture in the living room around how we'd discussed earlier, I got the laundry mostly done, and I've emailed and dusted up a storm.

I also decided to get some packages sent I'd been meaning to send for a week or so, and I had to make cookies to put in one of them. There's this fabulously scrumptious recipe I found a couple of months ago while making cookies for another friend that's for double chocolate chip since this other friend is a chocolate fiend I decided it would work for her, too. The cookies turned out perfectly, despite my substituting 1/2 cup of milk for the 2 eggs and adding 1/3 cup more flour than it called for.

Cody and I ran some errands and came back to find Truffle happy and jumpy as usual.

We left again, for a short roller blade around the neighborhood. I skinned my hands and I think I might have a large grass stain on my bum from some tender embraces of the beautiful smelly asphalt (I've never gone downhill, or on asphalt), but we returned home happy with the overall experience, only to find that Truffle had urinated on the carpet by the couch. She's been extra good lately, and we'd taken her out just a couple of hours before, so we were puzzled. Soon after discovering the large urine spot, Cody noticed the Tupperware container that the 2 dozen leftover cookies were in empty in a pile of crumbs.

Chocolate is not good for dogs, but we weren't sure how bad, so we decided to search the internet for some hints.

It's pretty bad. The vet recommends after 2 ounces of dark chocolate for a 35 pound dog to seek professional assistance, and since Truffle had eaten...oh, two dozen ooey gooey chocolate cookies, we figured she was safely over the 2 ounce minimum threshold, so we took her in. The vet techs induced vomiting and were startled by the large mass of un-chewed cookies...the mental image of Truffle snarfing down cookies too quickly to chew them still makes me smile and shake my head, all at the same time. After the vomiting, she got to eat some charcoal tablets to absorb the rest of the badness chocolate put in her and we walked while she jumped to the car.

So anyway, the extra cookies are gone. If you were planning on coming to my house to see if we had any delicious chocolate, all we have is Truffle, and she's not for eating. If you do visit anyway, we'll just take you to a restaurant or bakery if you want a tasty treat.