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dressing up isn't just for freaks

I'm not saying we're not freaks, I'm saying that people that aren't freaks dress up, too! You can assume we are or are not freaks as your personal feelings dictate.

Here are some pictures from today and Cody's work Halloween party for your viewing pleasure:

Cody's boss and some guy dressed as a sumo woman:


Happy Halloween, everybody!

This is who I'm supposed to be dressing up as, Ruby Heart from Capcom vs. Marvel (video game):

but it's not going to turn out quite like that. Partly because I'm lazy, and partly because I couldn't find a hat anywhere! :(

Cody's going to be Urahara (same guy he was for the anime convention we went to in July), and Truffle's going to be a princess! Possibly Princess Peach!!

I'll upload pictures tomorrow. Maybe.

What are your plans for today?


I guess it hurts to try and stay up with blogs. I've been ignoring them for a month now, and now that I'm back, trying to pay attention...I got tagged again! O_o This time, my cute cousin Rachel tagged me.

Well, here goes. I'm supposed to go to the 4th picture in the 4th folder of my pictures and write a blog about it. Aren't you excited?

This is a model apartment in Layton Cody and I looked at one weekend while we were living in Cedar City. The appeal? It allowed pets, it was about 1/2 a mile away from the Davis Extension of Weber where Cody was transferring to, and they served us warm chocolate chip cookies when we went to look at the clubhouse. Oh, and the clubhouse had a pool and gym, yay. Plus the cookies...did I mention there were cookies? I think it was about $800/month plus a pet deposit and pet rent, which after paying $425/month in Cedar was hiiiiiiiiigh...anyway, we found our nifty little condo in Centerville for $500/month and everything turned out peachy keen.

I won't tag you, but you can tag yourself. Ha, I'm a party pooper! :P

tagged like an empty warehouse

My cute sister Sarah -- who hates being tagged, by the way -- has tagged me. I know you've been dying to know random facts about me (haha) here goes.

8 Favorite TV Shows:

  1. The Office
  2. Cowboy Bebop (anime...)
  3. Invader Zim
  4. Middleman
  5. Chuck
  6. Big Bang Theory
  7. Heroes
  8. Bleach (more anime)

8 Favorite Restaurants

  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Spin Cafe
  3. California Pizza Kitchen
  4. Zupa's (TRY IT if you haven't!! It's fabulous!)
  5. Bajio
  6. Olive Garden
  7. Burger King (they have veggie burgers! Bless them.)
  8. Noodles & Co.

8 Things that happened yesterday (I'm sick, so this should be SO entertaining.)

  1. Couldn't get to sleep, so I got up at 12:10 am, thought up random street art ideas (like tying apples to orange trees) and emailed them to my friend
  2. Chatted with another friend for a couple of hours
  3. Tried to go back to sleep, and succeeded around 4
  4. Stumbled out of bed around 10 and took blessed drugs (OTC, of course!)
  5. Took Truffle out to visit nature and got the mail on the way
  6. Made a grocery list of "sick food" for Cody to bring home
  7. Wrote a haiku for pieku time ('ll explain this if you want)
  8. Made myself some ramen Cody brought home for me and watched a bunch of Big Bang Theories we had saved up. Funny show...but my cough makes it hurt to laugh, so it was sort-of a win/win/lose situation. ^_^

8 things to look forward to

  1. Snow
  2. Cody's birthday
  3. Christmas
  4. Long hair
  5. 2009 trip!
  6. 5:20 pm every night when Cody gets home
  7. Tuesday night anime, Thursday night manga
  8. Getting over this cold!

8 Things I love about Fall

  1. The leaves
  2. Crisp air
  3. Pumpkins
  4. Honeycrisp apples. Best apples, ever...
  5. Sweaters!!
  6. Wearing jackets, beanies, gloves, coats again
  7. Soups and stews
  8. How the weather is perfect to go and be outside most of the time
8 Things on my wishlist
  1. More time with Cody
  2. A yard
  3. Motivation
  4. A 4-quart stainless steel stockpot
  5. Perfect skin, like my sisters have. ^_^
  6. More creativity
  7. Cute, fashionable, preferably non-leather flat boots (it's almost impossible to find 2/4 items!)
  8. Less self-consciousness and more self-awareness.
I'm supposed to tag 8 people now, but meh. Do this if you want to, and I for one will be excited to read it!


I had the privilege to go and watch my oldest sister Mary and her husband Paul's 4 cute kids for 10 days in Arizona while they were on Fall Break from school.

These first pictures are from Schnepf Farms, a big Wheeler-sorta-Farm thing south of where Mary and Paul live. It's a real working farm, but they had a merry-go-round, roller coaster, mini train ride, petting zoo, miniature golf, and a fun pig race.
Junior climbing the difficult level wall. He got about 2/3ds the way up. Jewel climbed too, but I didn't think to pull my phone out to take a picture of her until too late.

Face paint! I thought I'd gotten pictures of all the kids, but nope--just Jewel and Junior. Jasmine got a pumpkin like Jewel's, while Justice had a ghost.
Potbellied pigs!
This goat liked the taste of my pants. That reminds me...I still need to wash them...
Jasmine riding the airplanes that Justice wanted to go on. He got all buckled in and it was too much for the poor little fellow, so Jasmine braved it alone. Justice was happy to not be whirling about.

Jasmine got some mud on her shoes, but Mary's resourceful and got her cleaned up in no time.
Sitting at the pig race. The host was very entertaining, and even got Mary to come to the front and help do a special "pig" race. You should ask her about it sometime.
The ladies having to please the crowd with their "soooooeeeee."

Playing on the playground at the farm. The kids loved the wooden train and the hay bale maze with John Deere trikes.

At the Phoenix Zoo. Holy crap, a lion!

Justice sporting what we thought was a fake Pirates of the Caribbean tattoo. It wouldn't wash off, though...fishy.
Dancing in the mist by the orangutan exhibit.
I'm hopped up on sugary pumpkin bars...
Younger 3 waiting for Junior (he's indisposed at the moment...)

At the playground. The kids played here for a good 2 hours, having a blast making tunnels in the sand and playing tag. They brought balls along to play with, but I'm not sure how much they got used.

Me at a Mediterranean cafe in the downtown Phoenix area. I asked to use the car for a night out, drove around and got gloriously lost...I ended up by the zoo, which is in Tempe I think! I passed a Haiku Grill and thought about stopping there--but grills aren't great places for vegetarians, and by the time my friend suggested I go into the restaurant and order in haiku I was way past being able to find it again. Stadiums, warehouses, auto dealerships...there was a lot of random but normal city stuff I passed trying to find my way to the big buildings.

Finally I got downtown by heading in the direction I thought it might be on side streets instead of sticking to the freeway. It's easier to text message people while you're at a stoplight, and my situation was funny enough to merit texting a few people about...anyway, I passed the art museum and saw a bit of downtown before I decided to try and find a mall to shop and eat at.

Then, seeing a sign for gelato, I immediately pulled the car into the nearest parking lot and ventured to the restaurant next door for some real food before I indulged. The cafe was...small...and I was the only customer with the owner and his helper hovering over me. The food was delicious, and I had a pleasant time despite the arrogance of the owner (He told me, "Everything I make is good, you're going to love it!" and I heard him talking to his worker, saying "I really am the best!! Wow, taste this!" That's confidence.)
After the delicious falafel wrap and tabbouleh were safely in my belly, I got myself a huge serving of pistachio gelato. It was easily 3 scoops worth at Belllisimo in Bountiful, but it only cost me $2.50 in Phoenix instead of the whopping $8 Bellisimo would have charged for that serving.

I want to go back and get more...

Anyway, that was my last night in Phoenix. The next day, Mary went to work while Paul and the kids drove me 2 hours to the Tucson airport. It was a delightful trip. ^_^