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random family whatnot

Note to self: when bathing a Truffle, make sure to dry her thoroughly before letting her escape to the wild blue yonder of the living room. She will always rub herself all over any dry patch of carpet she can find to pervade wet dog smell throughout the world.

My cute mom and Jane. Poor Eliza Jane is terrified of Truffle, but one day I hope they'll be friends.
CODY! We're chillin' on the porch steps after a hearty Sunday dinner last month at my parents' house.
Said Sunday dinner...
My mom helping out George with his cold hands.

congratulations congraduate contycers!

Tycee can cook! Tycee ate a cookie, too. Tycee also graduated from the University of Utah on Friday with a bachelor's in communication, emphasis on public relations. We partied heartily.

Tycee and her husband Richard, bein' all smart 'n stuff.
Cody showing off Tycee's graduation gear:
Tycee telling us all why Richard rocks at a "yay Tycee!" dinner at Biaggi's that night, and all of us being entertained.
So, congratulations! You did it, Tycee!

I should also mention that my brother Don graduated from the U on Friday with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, although we didn't make it to his convocation. XD! My brother's doing it toooooo!

loads of schtuff

Okay, there's not really a rhyme or reason to any of these pictures. I've just been lazy and haven't blogged properly to keep up with all of And enjoy, if possible. Captions are below the pictures. I'm not sure why I do it that way...I just do.

There's a crazy bird--I have no idea if it's a hawk or some random tropical bird--but it hangs out on the top floor's balcony of the building west of our clubhouse. I see him every time I go to work out, which isn't very often, but it's fun to see him.
Uh...I made a mini lunch and put it in an Altoid tin for kicks a few weeks ago. Sad thing is, it's still in my fridge. I hope it's not moldy.
Closer view of the wheat thin sammich and mini carrot sticks.
Tycee showing off her impressive hiya skillz after we watched Australia at her and Rich's apartment.
Enjoying the movie.
Sadie, the Parker's doggy. Cody lived next door to the Parkers for 10+ years while growing up, and Sadie's been a part of that. She's getting old, so we wanted to make sure we documented the tenderness. Awww, Sade!

Cody nerding out at Best Buy. He loves touch screen tech, and really wants to have a Windows 7 touch-screen capable device for when it launches.
Tabbouleh! This is my own. The other picture on the blog's one I found online.
Lemon lime cake with berries... :L I do love my food, peoples.
Truffle all scruffy lookin'.
My sister Sarah's son George and my mom, making a snowman last month. Sarah and I sat back and enjoyed the snow, and took pictures. What adventurous lasses we be!
Diane's beautiful butterfly cookie for Valentine's Day. Ah, I love my sisters.
The caterpillar! He bloomed beautifully, didn't he?
Cody pointing out his kinship to the Civic, with both of their scruffy beards. This was up in Logan, the day of Cody's grandpa Clint's funeral in February.
My Valentine's day card from Cody. I LOVE it and smile every time I see it.I love where we live. I think pretty much everybody loves where they live and have things they enjoy and hate about the area. Personally, I enjoy seeing the scenery every time I'm outside here. It's just gorgeous.
Me in my awesome 3-D glasses, seeing Coraline with Cody.
Our friend Juan got one too many taunts from Cody and sent this picture with Cody's favorite character from a video still makes us both laugh to see it.
I promised pictures, so here's our friend Juan's avatar, which inspired:
The LeonMorado (purple lion) plush! To go along with his anime crush,
Neliel tu Oderschvank (without a face. Juan's an artist, he can finish it. :P) Cody and I are excited to see Juan and Neisha when we go to California at the end of the month.
Juan and a Nel cosplayer at last year's AnimeExpo in LA.
Juan and Adneisha, yay for meeting people online. XD They're both awesome and I can't wait to see them again.

Cody's kitteh I made him for worksy, so he's surrounded by happy things.
2.0 view. The cat goes well with Cody's cat calendars (yeah, TWO cat calendars!) and Cody's insatiable love of felines.