Earth Day Tree

What are you doing to celebrate?

I decided this year that I wanted to throw Mother Earth a Mother's Blessing of sorts, without as much pomp and pampering as I've usually experienced at a Mother's Blessing, and about 100% less necklaces or other crafts.

I had talked about setting it up with a few friends, and then had some crises that needed attending so I didn't actually start planning with anyone until one of the people I had talked to picked up the ball and invited me to help planning it with her.  We are going to meditate on intentions for the Earth, wrap our intentions (in the form of a ribbon/yarn/string) around a stick, then bury it in the ground and give the Earth a blessing.  There will be chanting and candles and washing of hands in rose water.   My friends Natalie and Christina are energy workers and very good with words, and are collaborating to create the words for the blessing.  Here's what Christina sent me this morning--it gave me chills!!

"Mother Earth, with grateful hearts we desire to do for you as you have done for us, we desire to love and tend to your needs.  We ask forgiveness for not listening.  We collectively remove all feelings of uselessness and promise to open our ears, hearts, and minds.  We acknowledge the worth of your wisdom and ask that our minds might rise to a new level of understanding.

"Gracious and ever giving Mother let us bless you, let us do our part to help sustain you.  Allow us to restore the patience we've worn thin.  We bless your fears, like the sea, to return to calm.  We bless your heart to know peace.  We bless you with a renewed patience for those who are slow to understand."

I can't wait to celebrate our earthy mother tonight!