Last week I was privileged enough to have my mum accompany me to the WC down in the UC at the Y...ha! Yeah, Cody's got me talkin' ghetto fly. Anyway, we scampered around to all sorts of different classes the first day, learning about things like conquering loneliness, loving the praise of God more than man, and learning to listen. Good times. By the end of the day we were both done. I was drowsy and grouchy and my mom fell asleep in the last class (shh, don't tell her I told you!). To avoid all the drowsy crazy grouchiness, we experimented the next day, going to a service center and crocheting around baby blankets while watching a talk piped in from the Marriott Center. The second day was so much more peaceful and calmer! We even played hooky for one of the classes and went and got some lunch. Hooky! Hooray! I also got a mint brownie out of the deal. That might have added to my satisfaction.

Next year if you female peeps want to come to the WC you can sleep at my house and eat of my food! I'll even drive you to and from. Consider this your invitation!