Two posts in two days!

*I'm so excited for So You Think You Can Dance tomorrow night! Hooray for talented, coordinated people that dance! I'll take SYTYCD over watching sports any day.

*Clean high thread-count sheets are blissful.

*Grocery shopping is mundane but we need some tomatoes, mmm...tomatoes.

*Thinking about Iron Man still gives me an adrenaline rush, even though I saw it two weeks ago.

*It's raining...again...I thought I lived in a desert.

*Sometimes I wish I had an intense job, but usually I'm happy I'm my own boss!

*Stupid Thyroid = disaster. Allow me to rant for two minutes. For about 5 years, my thyroid has been on hiatus. I had surgery when I was little which ended with me having about 10% less thyroid than I'm supposed to, and my thyroid keeps trying to balance out and fails, and the failure results in no "normal" hormone fluctuation.

Lately I've been getting some natural help from Cody's uncle that does zoning, it's heavenly. He's been helping my thyroid to be more productive in sending signals to my body. YIKES! It's like I'm in puberty again. I know it's probably better in the long run for me to have too much hormone than too little, but I'm outputting too much testosterone and not enough estrogen, and when I want to be happy, kind, and calm, too much testosterone is a disaster. Here's a lowdown of which hormone does what to your emotions and body:

-Testosterone makes you feel aggressive, it helps mental and physical energy, it helps your metabolism by maintaining your muscle mass and strength, and it increases libido. Women are much more sensitive to excess testosterone, and I have way more testosterone than I should.

-Estrogen is the softener. Hair, muscles, and moods are all smoothed and softened by this mahvelous hormone. Estrogen also has very important duties throughout the rest of the body, but the softening of moods is what I'm lacking. I'm hardly producing any estrogen, which stinks because I want the softness it provides!

Basically, I'm somewhat of a wreck just because my thyroid won't play. I have emotions that are completely unrelated to logical thought. Some days I'm angry for no reason, some days I'm sad and I don't know stinks.

Thanks for letting me whine; that's the end of my rant. I'm going to go have some breakfast now.