I love you Abrielle! :D I guess I'd better get consistent about these blog posts before she goes ninja on my behind... That would hurt, she's pretty strong.

As requested, here are some previously-unseen-by-Abrielle pictures of Cody and I:

Cody and I making faces in the car (his parents were driving)

Cody riding an octopus while we played miniature golf with Tycee and Rich for Cody's birthday

Jane and I (she so got tackled!!)

This doesn't mean these are new, I'm cheating: these are all at least 6 months old. Camera skills are not in my blood. Hopefully one of my progeny will be adept with cameras and will dazzle the world with talent, but you will have to wait 20 years or more until that happens for good pictures to appear on this blog. I'm hopeless with cameras (plus it doesn't help that I only use my cell phone camera to take pictures.)

Anyway, I'll now wow you all with a picture of my latest sewing project:

'Tis an apron, yar! I had leftover fabric and I thought it was adorable, so I whipped up this little missy. I'm not satisfied with the topstitching around the neck ties, but my poor little machine really doesn't like going through 10 layers of fabric! Whose machine does? I would like to know. I'm thinking this apron would be good to keep for Jane or nieces that might come and make cookies, but I might end up giving it away. We'll see what happens.

Hopefully this will appease Abrielle for at least a week. Nobody else seems to mind, but maybe you're not leaving comments! Who knows?!

Have a great week, y'all, I'll post again sometime!