Life here in Lehi is going great...I just took a bunch of pictures (yes, April, they weren't as good as yours ;) ) and took Truffle for a nice long walk. It was nice and protected the condo carpet against a barrage of dog waste...hurrah! Which leads us to...I think Truffle's potty-trained, she has never asked to go out though. She also leaves little Wet Spots of Joy in random places if we leave her alone. Cody and I think it's separation anxiety, as she shows many symptoms of it and has definitely been through a lot in the past while that would make her worried we might ditch her somehow.

For those of you who don't know, she was given up for adoption because the family that owned her found out Truffle was pregnant and didn't want to deal with it. They gave her to a shelter, where she had the puppies and was their food buddy mom until they were old enough to be weaned. Then, Truffle was spayed and put up for adoption two days later. We adopted her two days after that and she's been anxious ever since, following me from room to room, whining if I close a door between me and her, and sleeping on my foot whenever she gets the chance. (We don't let her sleep on the bed, which she was indignant at the first couple of nights. How dare we!)

Anyway, she's a good dog. We've been working on sit, lay down, and shake, which she already pretty much did, but I think she just needs the correct command for it so she'll do it on cue. Also, she's been barking a little more than she did before...she saw our reflections in the patio window the other night and she started growling and barking at them, and if she sees your reflection in a mirror and you growl at her, you get quite the contest going of "top-dogginess". I win. I guess that shows you...something...