Guess who got a cute pooch? We did!! Her name is Truffle (her previous owner's name for her) and she just had some puppies a few weeks ago. She's a sweetheart of a dog, very intelligent, and she's just happy to be here. Here's a picture the shelter posted for her:

And here are some pictures of her chillin' on her dog bed (it took a few tries, but we convinced her she can't sit on the couch--she's such a smart dog!).

At any rate, she's a poodle/schnauzer mix, and she's probably about six inches shorter than a doorknob...I think. She only barked once so far that we have heard, and that's because there was a huge aggressive dog lunging for her. I would've peed my pants, not just barked back at him. We found her online on, and she was living in a shelter in Park City. We drove up today intending to only look, but...well, we brought her home! Hooray for Truffle!

Come one, come all to see her if you want, she's very quiet, good with kids (says the shelter and how she behaved around other people at the shelter) and likes to play hide-and-go-seek and "chase that person!'