I've been tagged by my cute cousin Abrielle...thanks Aubs! You're cute and we miss seeing you.

What television show or movie did you want to be in when you were little? The Little Mermaid

Which character or star? Rudy on The Cosby Show

Most embarrassing moment your friends will never let die? Your husband or significant other or family? They're all too nice to let me remember such things

Your proudest moment or accomplishment? Coming out of the Bountiful temple feeling so supported and whole with my family.

Who was your first kiss, where was it and all the other details? Josh Johnsen. I kissed him after the Valentine's dance my junior year in high school.

What adult did you have a crush on when you were little? Um...does Prince Eric count?

What habit or personality trait do you have of your mother or father that you swore you would never do? I am passive!! Dang it.

What did you want to change your name to when you were little? I was actually pretty happy with Ruthie, thanks though.

What are 3 adjectives that someone from high school or middle school would use to describe you? Tall, shy, floods!

What hairstyle, clothes, or other accessories did you rock back in the day when it was cool? Let's see...nope, I can't remember anything except one day I doubled up on the socks to try and be cool.

What job did those long and annoying surveys in school say you would be good at? I don't remember

And what did you try and make the test result outcome be? An optometrist

What made you laugh harder than you have ever laughed before? Cody James Higbee, I love you

Favorite memory of hanging out with your best friends? Making videos in the summer like Tycee Can Cook or Cornbread with Ed, watching Anne of Green Gables or While You Were Sleeping with my sisters

What's the most trouble you have ever got in with your parents? Hmmm...I think when I told my dad he could afford another car. Didn't like that.

What was your 5 year plan when you had to write it out in high school? I don't remember, how anti-climactic

And last but not least...

What is your 5 year plan now? Start our family, stay in our condo, and shape up my Etsy shop.

And I'd like to tag: Mary, Rebecca, Sarah, and Tycee ;) You're alphabetized and everything.