So, for Valentine's Day Cody and I went up to Providence Inn, a cute little bed-and-breakfast by Logan. For you Office fans, it wasn't a beet farm or an asparagus farm (the Stalk Inn!! oh, I miss you, Office, come back!), it used to be an old church. And an old, pretty church it is.

We froze our butts off and my refusal to wear proper winter shoes kept my nice cotton flats soaked, but it was worth everything, even the two hour delay on the freeway! We got the Van Gogh room, it was the room I liked best. It had little Van Gogh prints everywhere, and there were free cookies by the kitchen...yay! We did find a surprise bag of Udon noodles out the window when looking for a place to stash our leftovers...that's what I'm holding by the window in the picture below. Anyway, I think we might have started a tradition! We both loved our time there. Go check it out!