So, I know everybody's been just waiting on pins and needles, anxious for me to, to the two of you that might stumble across this, I have a confession to make. I accidentally told people that I had a blog and got scared that people might even READ it. Scary, right? The sad thing is, I'm only partially kidding. I'm shaking my head at myself right now. You can too, if you want!

Anyway, the holidays were great for us! Many family members, snow, and delicious, delicious food were definitely the highlights. I even got a playhouse from my parents! I think they want me to grow up but are humoring me and my childish ways.

It's snowing like a maniac right now! My poor hubbend was out shoveling away before he had to go to work. He thinks that by shoveling he's fighting back against winter. I did marry him for his looks, why do you ask? No, I think he's smart, really. He just hates the cold and wants something to fight against.