For some reason, every time I take my "Thyroid Support" supplement after noon, I can't get to sleep that night. Maybe my poor little thyroid-that-can't can, indeed produce whatever it's supposed to produce. Hooray! Maybe it'll tell my fat cells to explode. Goodbye, sheet cake! Ha!

Anyway, Cody and I have been thinking about buying a home. We've only looked at three in the area. They're the only three worth looking at in our price range, in my opinion. All the others are townhomes, condos, or fixer-uppers. These three are liveable and in the North end of the county. Living further North isn't something I thought would make Cody happy. But it does! Hooray! I'll have to post a picture or two for your viewing pleasure...let's see...(turning brain switch on)

It's a cute little house, with plenty of land to grow (both the house and veggies) on. Maybe even puppies can grow there! If I'm lucky...

The other contenders were really close to the railroad tracks. That's not a terribly bad thing, I just we probably wouldn't have been able to resell them as well as this other one. Plus, this one has had more refinishing. What do you think?