Trying to find a picture to post of my dearest, I stumbled upon some artwork from his elementary school days. How awesome and funny is this?!

I never knew he drew comics.

Anyway, I'm thinking about starting to sew some cloth diapers. You know, for all of those offspring we have. Wait. I don't have any in the oven or out. Sometimes I need a reality check, folks. Seriously, though, I have been thinking about sewing some, not only because they'd be useful and save a bit of landfill space for the haircuts I get from Tycee (I think she has to thin out about 10 lbs of hair every two months or so), they're soo cute and cozier for ickle baby bums. I found a few pretty sweet sites for diaper fabric and the like, too. Maybe I could even sell them!

So, what's new with you folks? Do you have any suggestions for the bliggity blig blog? Would you like to buy a car from me? I have a nice '99 Honda Civic for sale. No? Well, I had to try.

Don't mind this, I just needed to host it somewhere ;)