Last month, I started a service called Stitch Fix.  I've really appreciated seeing other people's blog posts about it so I could get an idea for the items sent out and the cost of the items, so I thought I would contribute my own post to aide others like me!  --I'm very novice at both blogging and fashion, so be kind.  :0)

 photo 055.jpg

This coral Moon pencil skirt has a fabulous invisible zipper detail, you can see it on the right-hand seam.  I love the color, it's more pink in person than it appears here.  The biggest problems were that I'd just bought 2 pencil skirts from Target a month ago on clearance for $6.88 each, and that this pencil skirt costs $88.  Cute, but I think I'll pass.

 photo 056.jpg

A snazzy shirt by Everly, this 3/4-sleeve Zig-Zag Blouse is a better deal at $58.  I like the neckline, the hem length, and the sleeve length.  I'm not so sure about the fancy buttons or the shapelessness of the blouse, but it's definitely a trendy print and in a classic way, so I'm paying attention.

 photo 057.jpg

At $58, this shirt by the brand Angie is (in my opinion) expensive but exquisite on details and fit.  This thing may be made of chiffon, but it's absolutely gorgeously crafted.  I love all the little studs, the gathers, the pintucks, the beautiful hem...  It's just a cute shirt.  I'm not sold on it because A) it's sheer and B) I'm not sure I want to spend that much money on yet another blue shirt.

 photo 058.jpg
Aside from the ADORABLE!! star facing, this denim shirt by Lovemarks is a major "eh" at $68.  Maybe I  can't style chambray shirts?  I just feel like they look super dowdy on me, no matter what I try.

And finally, the accessory:

 photo 059.jpg

This sweet little Marjorie Baer triangles short necklace.  It's industrial chic, something I'm into lately, and it's a bit spendy for this cheap girl at $68.

So then I tried them all on.  And tried to take pictures.  It's kinda funny, so laugh if you want--I won't feel bad because I can't hear you.

 photo 060.jpg

"Is this thing on?"

 photo 061.jpg

"Oh hey, it's on."  Here's the skirt and the denim shirt together.  I slapped a necklace and heels on with it.  Probably not the most flattering pairing, but I knew these two were the least likely to be picked to keep and ugh I dislike that shirt.  The skirt is cute, just not $88 cute.
 photo 065.jpg

Again, probably not the best pairing.  I love the way this shirt lays, though--it's really gorgeous.  I think it's a toss-up between this one and the zig-zag one, unless I just go crazy and get the necklace instead.

 photo 066.jpg

An attempt to show the details on the shirt.

 photo 070.jpg

Chevron?  C'est vous?  I think this is pretty cute aside from the flats.  Needs a bubble necklace and you can call it a Pinterest-worthy outfit.

 photo 071.jpg

The necklace!  I like where it hits.  I think it works great with scoopnecks.

 photo 072.jpg

Detail.  I like the silver's finish, it makes it look sorta like galvanized steel.


So yeah, that's my Stitch Fix for the month.  I'm still not sure which I'm gonna keep or what--if you have opinions, I'd love to hear what you'd pick and how you would style everything!