I think I'm in love with my dentist.

No...I'm not going to leave Cody and join the circus only to return to Lehi and try to propose to my dentist (Dr. Groneman in American Fork) while he's performing a root canal on one of my molars.

It's not that kind of love.

The love I have for my dentist is based on his excellent care of my teeth with his weird water pic method of cleaning (also, he flosses my teeth! Shouldn't I be doing that?), and that he often compliments my teeth. "You have good teeth," he says. I blush. I do have good teeth! Thanks for noticing, Dentist Man! (And thank you for the teeth, Mom and Dad!) "No cavities," he says. "Nice work." I smile. See what I mean about the compliments? He knows how to make a person feel good about her mouth.

Also, he has a superb memory...it almost seems like he and his assistants keep notes on Cody and me somewhere with our dental records. Do they? I might have to write them an anonymous letter or do some sleuthing while they're out to lunch, because it's uncanny how well they remember minute details about us. He and his assistants always ask follow-up questions to conversations we've had 6 months ago at our previous appointment! How do they do that? I really want to know. Is it because we have extremely odd tastes and stick out that much? I don't really think we're *that* odd, but maybe we are. I dunno.

Aubrey, his main assistant, is always asking about our family and jobs and interests, and this last appointment she wasn't the one helping me--but she did tell the girl who was assisting "I like Ruthie, she's cute," after just seeing my face through the door. How does she remember every patient's name?! Seriously. We've only been going to Dr. Groneman's office for the past 2 years, so we've only seen these people 3 or 4 times.

Even though Dr. Groneman and his assistants are extremely chatty and sociable, they're also happy to hand over a remote and let you watch tv while they take care of your routine oral hygiene needs. I've watched Pokemon and the Food Network while having a cavity filled. The Food Network might not be the best thing to watch when you can't eat for a few hours, but it's definitely on my list of favorite channels I don't have at home...so...it gets watched.

So anyway, back to talk of dentistry...if anybody's in or around Utah County and wants a great dental experience, go to my dentist! He's awesome!

(Disclaimer: Ruthie was not payed [much] to write nice things about her dentist.)