I mentioned a couple of blogs ago that I suck at setting goals. Well, I guess I'm gonna give it a go anyway this year, and it'll give me something to blog about. Maybe this kind of accountability will help? I doubt it, but it's possible, right?

Here are some goals and the ways I intend to implement them in my life:

Keep the computer desk cleared off for my Cody. It'd probably help if I had a set time to purge the desk every day, and if I didn't use it as a lab for the benign bacteria experiments I'm involved in...

Learn all the lyrics to "One Week" by BareNakedLadies, a VERY prestigious and grand goal to have. Um...print out the lyrics, read them over, and listen to the song a lot while trying to sing along. Repeat. Frequently.

Read a whole book per month. I just finished Brisingr (which I started in...October? :S) and I'm still working on Dracula...I figure those two can count for January, and then I'll work on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (and possibly Through the Looking Glass) for February. The month before I'll have to choose a book and find it.

Actually post things in my Etsy shop regularly. This requires actually making things and then taking the 5 minutes to take pictures and post the items. Not that hard, just a bit tedious when there are a lot of items.

Manage my time better. Such a general goal. I think setting time limits to be online for fun and to play video games are a good start, maybe I'll try and do that and keep it by the end of the month?

I PROMISE I'll post pictures next time. Promise.