"On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me..." I gotsded tagged by Missy. Thank you. >:3

1 EMBARRASSING MOMENT: All right, Internet; you asked for it. I could just lie and say I don't have one, but I've told random people I barely know about this incident before, so I may as well share it with the people that read this. I peed my pants in school...the kicker was, I was in 8th grade. In English. It was reading time, and all I could think about was how I had to go to the bathroom...stupid boring book! Why couldn't I have been reading something a bit more suspenseful?


Wince and laugh inducing, isn't it?

2 BEST FRIENDS: Cody! and my sisters are who I'd pick for the other. Can all 7 count as one? (Don and Andrew, you guys are awesome too...>_<) 3 THINGS I BUY REGULARLY: tomatoes, hummus, and CHOCOLATE! I have to buy the cheap, almost "why did I buy this, it's not that good..." chocolate so I don't gorge on it and have to buy it more than tomatoes.

4 PLACES I WANT TO GO: Japan, France, NYC, Hawaii

5 GOALS FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR: I suck at goal-setting because I always forget about them, but here goes: Keep the computer desk cleared off for my Cody, learn all the lyrics to "One Week" by BareNakedLadies, read a whole book per month, actually post things in my Etsy shop regularly, and manage my time better.

6 THINGS MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME: I'm addicted to Super Smash Brothers Brawl, I like to give away cookies, procrastination is a way of life I seem to embrace, I get really nervous about almost all social situations, I miss sticky hands in vending machines, and I think I'm gonna cosplay Rogue from X-Men (if Cody sticks with his idea of being Gambit or Wolverine) at next year's San Diego Comic Con.

7 THINGS I WOULD NEVER SAY: "Cody, let's not talk." "I love showering!" "Bark louder and wake up the neighbors, Truff! DO IT!" "Let's eat Jell-O and play ping pong." "The Signs game is the best game EVAR!" "I went on a five-mile hike this morning before going to the gym for three hours, eating a 100% bran muffin on the way and thinking about ways to decrease my simple carb intake." "Cody, I totally understood all that stuff you just said about programming!" Ah, that last one's a little sad. I'm catching on some, but I feel like I need a class just to get the gist of what he's talking about.

9 THINGS I SAY TO MY KIDS: I'm gonna go with Missy and say I'll get back to you once Truffle morphs into a human...or y'know, after Cody and I have a cute little tot.

10 THINGS I DO A LOT: make food, take Truff out, text message, look at things and think "I should do something (clean, de-clutter, fix, sew...the list is long) to that...", check the internet for new updates, ack! 5 more things? uh...make the bed, do laundry, do dishes, play SSBB (as already mentioned, I have an addiction), and read.

11 THINGS I WOULD RATHER NOT LIVE WITHOUT: Cody, my family, the gospel, my friends, Truffle, the internet (oh, I love you, Inty!), Cody's sense of humor, my sense of humor, good food, great entertainment, and hot water.

12 PEOPLE I TAG: Whoever wants to do this. I doubt there are 12 people reading this, anyway. :P

Edit 12-30-2008 I FORGOT DAY 8! Thanks to Richard for pointing it out...here it is now (although it's a bit late...)

cheesebowl!!!, singing Christmas carols at church and at home, Cody gets time off of work, pretty lights, English Toffee, making/buying/receiving presents (it's the most fun when you make something for someone and they actually like it!), the smell of cinnamon that permeates the front of stores, and I love the focus on the Savior's birth the season brings. It's always nice to have an extra reminder of what a miracle his birth and life was for us, even if we don't celebrate it in the right month. ^_^