This blog is for me mum, who's a dear and a love, to say thanks for bringing me into the world and to say thank you for the incredible person she is.

* Her laugh, when she really thinks you're funny, is worth going through 20 jokes and stories just to try and get one good long laugh out.
* She calls all of her children and grandchildren "bean". ex: "You're such a good bean!"
* The rain is an event with my mom. When there's a storm, she gets all of her houseplants outside, lines them up, and will peek out the window occasionally to "see how happy they look!"
* "Sorry" is one of her favorite words...really, it is.
* Her initials are D.A.D. ^_^
* When I was little and our family would be traveling a long distance, she would sing silly nonsense songs about mud pies and dressing up, and the ice cream store to keep us entertained and quiet.
* I'm "doo-dah hum-ha girly."
* She makes some wickedly good food (my favorites are her quiche and sweetrolls) and taught me the basics about cooking, baking, and being nice.