For one reason or another I’ve been thinking about what my strengths and weaknesses are. I always seem to dwell on the defects I see in my own (and often other people’s) characters, so I thought it would help my brain to write out everything I know about myself that’s good and bad. I figure I can’t be as bad as I feel on the worst days, or as good as I feel on the best. Also, I realize that actually categorizing some of these things as positive or negative attributes is somewhat psychologically revealing. I can’t help it, I like to label things.


  • I’m a domestic goddess. I sew, cook, bake, and clean with the best of them, and if you give me 30 minutes warning before coming to my house you’ll have a hearty welcome and a refreshing drink or treat.
  • I’m funny. Sometimes. And only to some people…(but almost always to myself.)
  • I’m a good listener
  • I have an excellent memory for people’s stories, which helps with the listening abilities
  • I’m honest but I usually try to be tactful too
  • I’m smart enough
  • I have a strong sense of what is fair and what isn’t
  • I’m quirky (yes, it’s a strength…sometimes)
  • I spell well
  • I have good penmanship and beautiful cursive
  • I give a good compliment
  • I’m compassionate and caring about others
  • I’m imaginative
  • I’m trusting
  • I usually try to find the good in others until they either hurt me or shove the bad under my nose so often I can’t help but see it
  • I’m outgoing…sometimes
  • I try to not be judgmental
  • I tend to get along with the male gender in general


  • I’m impatient
  • I’m needy
  • I don’t like being ignored
  • I want people to like me
  • I’m petulant
  • I have bad posture
  • Grammar’s not my strong suit
  • I exaggerate without thinking
  • I am not self-confident
  • I depend on others approval for my self-worth
  • I am definitely weird/awkward around everybody
  • I’m lazy
  • I tend to be negative about myself
  • I’m shy…sometimes
  • I change my mind a lot
  • I tend to snap-judge things, situations, or people and have to backtrack frequently
  • I don’t get along with most females

What do you consider your greatest strength or weakness?